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Mar 23, 2019

Two new reports highlight that, since the Paris Agreement in 2016, the fossil fuel industry has ramped up both oil production and greenwashing. 

Plus: why the heck are mainstream media outlets making Big Oil's ads for them? 

Mar 7, 2019

We're sharing episode 1 of the podcast Peace of Mind with Bhi Bhiman because it delves into so much of what's behind climate change denial: fear, anxiety, propaganda, tribalism, bias, and more. Featuring Glynn Washington (host of Snap Judgement), author Dave Eggers, and social psychologist Lee Ross.  Check out...

Mar 2, 2019

In a batch of aggressive countersuits, Exxon is accusing the counties, cities, and states of conspiring to quash its First Amendment rights to political speech. It's an idea with a long and twisting history that we dig into in this episode. 

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